Milo Sakač

the painter

Sakač is an architect by profession and this has been reflected in his painting and in his seeking artistic expression. This coherent entirety has generated from his seeking, proving his vital creativity and enviable production. His prior abstract art, where he has been present during the last years, has been characterized by the irregular but controlled lines creating strong architectural structures with a powerful feeling of composition and achieving rudimentary forms. In his prior cycles and paintings the space has been suggested by lines,

the windows and doors have been suggested by squares, the poplar-trees by ovals etc. He has gradually reduced the motifs that have been only discernible under the thick fine paint coats as he has insisted on the materiality physically incorporated in his paintings. He has suppressed the color palette and has restricted the tonal range. Therefore, black, grey and white shades, sometimes with bluish tints have dominated the paintings, while some structures have been occasionally accentuated and dynamized by ochre yellow and red.

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Exhibition in Čakovec ‘I can hear, just not clearly’

Čakovec Cultural Center, exhibition space. Thursday, March 4, 2021 to April 12, 2021 Zagreb painter and architect Milo Sakač is exhibiting in his hometown after thirty-three years. His abstract acrylics on large-format canvas send a message to the art audience of the power of a skilled hand, but also the emotion of an artist who […]

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Retrospect ‘Mind Hunter’

The independent exhibition of Milo Sakač called „Mindhunter“ is the fourth presentation of his works in Vienna. This is the choice of a part of one entirety of large format abstract paintings where he presents his most recent works. The subject is the rounded cycle being a logic continuation of his prior reflexions and artistic […]

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Virtualna ‘Oluja uma’ Mila Sakača

Vesna Zovko/Dobro jutro, Hrvatska/V.M./HRT Iako je pretrpio znatna oštećenja u potresu, zagrebački muzej Mimara i dalje ljubiteljima likovne umjetnosti pokušava pružiti  iskustvo doživljaja  izložbi, i to virtualno, pod motom: ‘Zatvoreni ali aktivni’. Njihovu pozivu na virtualnu izložbu ‘Oluja uma’ Mila Sakača nije odoljela ekipa emisije Dobro jutro, Hrvatska koja se s tim međunarodno priznatim umjetnikom družila u njegovu ateljeu u Zagrebu. […]

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