Milo Sakač Croatian Painter

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Curriculum vitae

Milo Sakač was born in Čakovec (Croatia) in 1963. He attended the school in Lendava and Maribor and graduated at the Faculty of Architecture of the University in Zagreb in 1988. He works as an architect and at the same time as a painter.

2017/2018 he established his atelier in Vienna where he has continued to work in autumn 2019. During the summer, he works in the atelier and the gallery in Omiš. He is a member of the Q202 group Leopoldstadt Wien and Produzentengalerie Wien & new Hungarian visual artist Worldwide.

This year he marks the 30 th anniversary of his first independent exhibition. Painting techniques: watercolour, acrylic, combined techniques, Indian ink, charcoal, collage…

Milo Sakač, painter and architect
Mobile phone: +38598280266
Žitnjak 173n, ZAGREB,
Fošal 3-OMIŠ, Rotesterngasse/GrosseMohrengasse-WIEN
Produzentengalerie WIEN, Q202 Wien,
New Hungarian visual artist Worldwide
Produzentengalerie Wien

stage design and posters for performances

first solo exhibition in Čakovec
several smaller group exhibitions

2004 – 2007
‘Pihači’ painting colony at Stubičke Toplice

 group exhibition within the project ‘my favorite place, R20’ Wien

establishment of the summer garden atelier and the painting gallery in Omiš

Jan. – Solo exhibition ‘Svitla nami triba’ at Zagreb City Libraries in Podsused
May. – has become a member of Produzentengalerie Wien
July – group exhibition ‘Hiden inspiration’ at Produzentengalerie Wien
Oct. – Establishment of atelier in Vienna
Nov. – Solo exhibition ‘Mind Open Title Missing’ at Produzentengalerie Wien
Nov. – Solo exhibition ‘Near the sea’, at ARTSHIFT gallery in Split

March – Group Exhibition ‘Die wundersame Welt der Produzentengalerie Wien’
April – joining/becoming a member of the Q202 group Leopoldstat, Kulturstat
May – participation at Atelier Rundgang in Vienna, Q202 project
Sept. – ‘Brioni’ cycle used for NOVINE 2 serial shooting (Netflix)
Nov. – Group exhibition ‘Boranka’ – Karbon project, ‘Botaničar’ gallery Zagreb

Jan. – Initiating the project under the work title of MY MIND
March – solo exhibition at ‘Art Room’ in Vienna
April –  participation at Atelier Rundgang in Vienna, Q202 project
Oct. – Solo exhibition at ‘DRUŽINA’ gallery in Ljubljana

April – big solo exhibition in Zagreb in the studio of Mimara museum
April – participation at Atelier Rundgang & exhibition in Vienna, Q202 project
… big final exhibition in Rijeka 2020/21 (ECC) under negotiation
… exhibitions in Los Angeles & New York under Negotiation
… exhibition in Beijing & Shanghai under Negotiation
… guest artist in Fuzhou, Fujian region (for 3 month period)

March/April – Exhibition in Čakovec Cultural Centre ‘I can hear, just not clearly’